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Your credit score is more complicated than simply

weighing the various aspects of your credit history.

Credit has a significant impact on our lives. Your credit

score has an impact on where you live, what you drive,

where you work, and how well you will fare in a financial

We ensure that you can fund your next big ticket

purchase without worrying about where the money will

come from.

You never know when you will need a helping hand.

Perhaps you are preparing to buy a home, a new vehicle, fund your business or just staying up to date on your finances.

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✔️If you're looking to increase your business credit score and give your company a boost, you'll need the help of professionals. At Luxury Credit, we specialize in helping businesses build their credit profiles and improve their scores. We know what it takes to get your business moving forward, and we're here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you take your business to the next level.

✔️A resolution to your funding problems and a better financial situation

✔️A path to living the life you want.

✔️ A budget and savings plan and get back on track to living the life of your dreams.

✔️A more effective method for relieving financial stress and anxiety

✔️ A research-based analysis of your credit situation and live a life free of sacrifices.

✔️ Personal and business funding opportunities to assist you with living the life of your dreams

✔️A legal way to improve your credit and enjoy life without the financial support of friends and family.

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Led by Gary Branch, New Generational Wealth Solutions is a credit consulting company built on the
foundation of helping people achieve their dreams and goals.

We believe in "credit for a dream life" at New Generational Wealth

We help you plan your path to the life you want as you continue with a full-time job or work on your business.

As a credit consulting company, we fix your credit faster than you do, so you can live the life

you've always wanted.

Our motto is " What we want for ourselves we want for everybody", and with that passion we work diligently to rebuild your credit history and open doors to the financing you need to create a successful financial future, we go above and beyond for

our clients.

What does good credit get you? Glad you asked.

Get Better Interest Rates

You are no longer giving

away your hard-earned

money to predatory lenders

if you have a good credit


Get Your Dream Home

A good credit score brings

you one step closer to

purchasing your dream


Start Your Own Business

You can leverage your

strong credit to gain the

necessary funding at any


Faster Loan Approval

A high credit score reflects

your creditworthiness. This is

useful if you are in an emergency situation and

require funds quickly, and

higher credit scores result in

faster approval

Pre-Approved Loans

If you have a good credit

score, you may be able to get

a pre-approved loan from

your bank or credit card.

Higher Limits

Your borrowing capacity is

heavily influenced by your

credit score. Your credit score is an

important factor in

determining your loan limit.

Good credit scores are extremely important. We only mentioned six benefits, but there are many

more. In essence, having a high credit score simplifies your life and gives you better access to

financial products and services.

What is the Hotel Savings Card Exactly?

  • It's similar to a gift card for booking hotel stays EXCEPT that it can only cover a portion of the stay (usually 10-50% off the lowest online price, depending on the hotel).

  • It's good for over 1 million hotels & resorts worldwide, with no blackout dates and no expiration date. So whether you use it to add extra days to your vacay, or save it for that last-minute excursion, it's sooner or later gonna save you the full $300,

Your Dream of a Better Financial Future Isn’t a Dream Anymore.

Your credit score can provide you with the means to pursue what is most important to

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